What are the threats of having a Backyard Vegetable Garden?

Of course, this becomes a serious problem for those of you who have a backyard vegetable garden at your home and of course before making it you must be obliged to think about this 2 times so that the consequences or bad effects that obtained did not affect your daily life. Lots of threats are gained from the existence of a vegetable garden behind the house or for those of you who have it. The threats can be in terms of material and non-material which both of them are very detrimental to you for your survival, both in terms of consumption, hygiene and your finances can also be affected.

In terms of material, certainly not surprising for you to create a backyard vegetable garden cost is quite a lot and expensive because this vegetable garden has a very large area and with various types of vegetables. In addition, do not rule out if there are many plants that wither your negligence so you have to buy vegetables substitute out of the house.

In terms of non-material, it is not impossible if you in the future often find various types of small insects perched on the floor and back door of your house. How did it happen? Because, in a vegetable certainly not far from a pest where the pest is a germ or insect trying to kill the vegetables you plant. In addition, if more and more pests that exist will allow your home can bring disease from the pest itself. Try to always anticipate in the prevention of various kinds of threats that try to interfere with the sustainability of the growth of vegetables that you planted in the backyard of your house by always prioritizing cleanliness by always providing pesticides as a pest control tool for germs or insects that always perched around the garden grass and Also in the leaves and vegetables you plant.

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