Ultimate Guide for Hairstyles For Straight Hair

If you have fine straight hair, you may be wondering what the best hairstyle for your hair is. Many people are struggling with the same outdated hairstyle, simply because they are afraid to try anything new for fear that it will look even worse. With this guide, you can see some of the best hairstyles for fine straight hair, and perhaps have the courage to try something new.

Modern Fashion

Lately, the popular trend in hairstyles for fine straight hair has been what is called a tapered bob. This style sometimes includes bangs, starting long at the sides and growing gradually shorter toward the back. In the most common version of a tapered bob, the longest hair at the front just brushes the shoulder while the shorter back ends just above collar-length, although the style has been seen in longer variations.

Timeless Classic

One of the most well-known hairstyles for fine straight hair is the Nancy Drew bob. Over the years, Nancy’s style has changed dramatically from a conservative, practical look to a bright, hip, high school style, but her classic bob in the original novels will never go out of style. A straight cut all the way across is not only a cute look that makes you look younger, it is very easy to take care of.

At Home

Whether you go for a tapered bob, a Nancy Drew cut, or something completely different, it is important to remember that when it comes to hairstyles for fine straight hair, long is almost never the way to go. Long, fine hair often looks even thinner and stringy when it is kept long. One of the easiest at-home hairstyles for fine straight hair is to simply cut straight across at the shoulder-length, adding bangs for some dimension. For a DIY tapered bob, look straight ahead as you cut and follow your jawline or just below it.

At the Salon

Another great look when it comes to hairstyles for fine straight hair is a pixie cut. Like the tapered bob, there are many slightly different variations of the pixie cut. The basic idea is a very short cut at the back, close to the head, with longer bangs and a nonchalant, slightly tousled look on top. Because it is so difficult to master effectively, this is a perfect cut to get at a salon. Your stylist can help you decide exactly how to use the pixie cut to work with the shape of your face.


Some hairstyles for fine straight hair are best accentuated with accessories. A hairband can make a crisp blunt bob look younger and flirtier, or a pixie cut more interesting. A simple alligator clip makes long bangs more manageable and adds an element of shy schoolgirl innocence to a hairdo. You can never go wrong with a cute fedora, and Irish caps or stylish beanies work well with most bob cuts.

Hairstyles for Men

Ladies, we know you want your men to look good, too. There are hairstyles for straight fine hair that can apply to men as well. Of course, you could always go with a classic crew cut or buzz cut, but there are other, younger-looking options for slightly longer hairstyles as well. The hottest men’s style right now is the Justin Bieber cut. Basically a pixie cut for men, the Bieber Do works well on guys with young or effeminate faces but should be avoided like the plague if your man has rough features or facial hair. For these men, any of the Brad Pitt looks over the ages can do wonders. From the shorter, moussed-up spiky look that Brad sported in Fight Club to the flyaway shoulder-length style seen in Troy and his cameo appearance in True Romance, most men looking for hairstyles for fine straight hair wouldn’t go wrong with any of the classic Brad styles.


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