The Technique of Playing Good Football and True

Techniques Play Soccer Good and True – The main objective of the game of football is to create as many goals against the opponent. However, this requires some technical skills were adequate. The following will explain some of the basic techniques of football that you need to master.

Techniques using ball

Kicking the ball

Kicking the dominant motion in a football game. Every football player should have the engineering skills are very good kick. Kicks can be done with the right leg and left leg. Kicking techniques require a high concentration in order to produce the right kick. That is the strength, distance, and direction of the kick must be precise. As for some of the techniques in kicking as below.

  1. Kicking with the inside of the foot. The foot has the most extensive surface for kicking. Kick with the foot inside is usually used to feed a short distance. This kick is ideal, because the results measurable and accurate kick.
  2. Kicking with the outer leg. Kicking with the outer legs are used to feed a short distance. Directions bait carried by the outer leg a little hard to read, because the bait opposite direction pengumpannya position.
  3. Kicking with the instep. Kick using the instep is usually very effective, because the fulcrum centered on the ball middle (center). This technique must often trained by a player (especially an attacker) to produce a kick with great force and the intended target was accurate, so players should be more concentration.

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Stop the ball (ball control)

Ball movement consists of a ball along the ground (ground ball), the ball bouncing (bouncing ball), and balls (high ball). As for the technique to hold the ball as follows.

  1. Hold the ball along the ground with the foot and the inner sole of the foot.
  2. Hold the ball bounced to the feet inside, the outer legs, feet, and stomach.
  3. Hold the ball in the air (without falling to the ground) to the foot of the inner thighs, chest, head, and back legs.

Dribbling (dribbling)

Dribbling is kicking or pushing the ball slowly while walking or running. Interest dribblingyaitu carried the ball towards the opponent’s goal, passing opponents, and slow down or regulate the rhythm of the game. To be able to do the necessary techniques so the ball remains in our control. There are three ways in dribbling, namely:

  1. dribble with the foot inside;
  2. dribble with the outer legs;
  3. dribble with the instep.

Depriving the ball (tackle)

Many ways to be able to seize the ball on the opponent’s leg. How usually performed by a player, namely:

  1. how to deal without flopping;
  2. way sliding tackle (sliding down) using the foot inside;
  3. sliding tackle (sliding down) using a foot outside.

When performing this technique, a player should really be careful. That is because the risk of depriving ball technique can not only injure themselves, but others. It should be kept mainly by the defender (defender) because it can hurt the team if done within his own penalty box.


When the ball leaves the field of play (out) through the sidelines, there will be a throw-in (throw-in). Techniques throw-in (throw-in) as follows.

  1. Hold the ball with the fingers and palms on both sides of the ball or the ball the rear surface.
  2. The throw from on the touchline or the outside of the field lines.
  3. When throwing, make sure both legs keep our feet on the ground and not in his or her feet perbol ehkan looks lifted.
  4. The ball must be thrown through the back of the head and thrown into the field of play.


Goalkeeper is the last bastion in the defense of the football game. To that end, goalkeeper given special advantages are allowed to use all parts of his body to block and catch the ball. Some skills (skills) to be owned by the keeper as follows.

  1. Catch the ball rolled to the ground.
  2. Catch the ball as high as the stomach.
  3. Catches the ball at chest height.
  4. Mentip high balls through on goal.
  5. A high reflexes.

Technique without the ball

Technique without the ball is also called body techniques are mastered gestures the way players in the game, including how to run, jump, and feinting body. The most important thing that players can keep the balance of the body in order to remain controllable.

The pattern of attack

Mechanical movement with the ball on attack patterns as follows.

  1. Wall-pass or a pass-pass one-dua.bWall a simple movement of the two players. A player passes the ball on B, then run to the new position. Players pass the ball B without holding back on A who received the ball in the new position.
  2. Throw-in. If done well and earnestly, then the throw-in may be the beginning of a dangerous attack. Especially if the throw into the opponent’s happening in the area.

Mechanical movement with the ball (defense pattern)

In the game of soccer player known three lines, namely (1) forwards, (2) line of midfielders, and (3) the defense. The back row has a duty to defend and protect the dangerous area is the goal of the opponent’s attack. In carrying out this major project, there are ways, tasks, patterns, certain tactics or strategy that is understood. [Pi]

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