The Enchantment of a Modern House That Will Let You Stucco!

The Enchantment of a Modern House That Will Let You Stucco!

Today we show you the charm of a modern home designed by interior designers Room and Co. These spaces have a very young and pleasant allure, for which every detail, elegant and well-chosen furniture contributes to making the whole comfortable and cozy space, where you could live daily in complete harmony with what surrounds you.

We explore this book of ideas because we do not miss the beautiful details we want to show you!

The livingroom

It is not a white, but gray-gray beige envelope that enriches the atmosphere of this room, where other color notes fit perfectly. This large living room features two comfortable sofas that create a space designed to relax, maybe watching a little television, and overlooking the balcony embellished with beautiful plants …

The bookstore

This library adds a very modern touch to space, where books and magazines look to move and dynamism, while what creates disorder can be stored in small compartments. You will surely notice how the different colors of the books cheerfully recall the carpet, also of various shades.


A well-groomed corner

Have you ever thought to put pictures on the walls of the kitchen to decorate it This can be a really good solution because it makes space more colorful, even though it’s a cover for the magazine New Yorker. The fruit tells us that we are talking about the kitchen, just like the type of closet, but there are numerous items of extreme interest, such as the wooden dummy and the lamp …

The kitchen

The kitchen has a sober and functional design and from this perspective you can see the design of the tiled floor tiles in a sober tone that perfectly fits the environment of this kitchen.

Color and charm

We could almost say that this is a space of a Moroccan home, with blue and white corridors, red carpet rugs, a combination that makes traveling … This space has a very nice decoration in every detail and it’s worth to admire it calmly.

Working area

In many spaces there are beautiful pictures and this office is no exception once again we are faced with a very practical furniture with different features, desk, shelf, etc.

We still find the beautiful ethnic rug and the famous wooden doll that actually seems to fit well in any room in the house.

Dining room

The dining room may also look like the living room of a modern home, perfect for welcoming guests every weekend and spending pleasant moments. There is plenty of light and the space seems bigger as our experts have decided to place a large mirror in which a chandelier with curved lines is reflected. The wooden table creates a beautiful contrast to the carpet and chairs of a beautiful gray ash, which is then a color that gives modernity, while the blue of the rug creates depth.

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