Rules of Use of Retinoic Acid As a Remedy for Pimple on Earlobe


If you are struggling to get rid of acne or stubborn acne and have not improved yet when it has done a lot of maintenance, the use of retinoic acid for acne might help. Retinoic acid, also called tretinoin, is one of the topical medicines commonly used to treat acne. Read on to learn the benefits of retinoic acid for acne in this article.

The benefits of retinoic acid for acne

Retinoic acid (retinoic acid) is also often referred to as retinal is one of the beauty care ingredients that belong to the type of vitamin A derivatives. This type of vitamin is a vitamin that has a usefulness to help cure pimple on earlobe, remove acne scars, close the pores, increase collagen to reduce the thin lines of the signs of aging, and speed up skin cells to flatten the color and smooth the skin. The use of this drug has been approved by the American FDA since 1971 and since then, many people have recognized the benefits of retinoic acid to address skin problems.


The use of retinoic acid for acne is recommended at night and applied once daily. The treatment results using retinoic acid will appear about three to four weeks if you use it regularly.

You might think that the use of retinoic acid for acne has a slow healing effect, but it is certainly worth the results. That is why the use of retinoic acid for acne must be used with a high level of patience and patience in order to obtain maximum results.

Side effects of retinoic acid use for acne

In the early days of use, common side effects are skin peeling, reddened and itchy face. In some cases, the use of retinoic acid will make your acne condition look worse.

At first glance, from the mentioned side effects, you may be a little anxious about using retinoid acid for fear your skin will look worse before it gets better. Retained acid can indeed cause dryness, redness, and skin peeling. You can avoid side effects by using retinoid acids every two days or alternate until your skin gets used.

If you do not have allergies or irritations, you can start applying it every night for two weeks or until you see results. In addition, to prevent irritation, do not forget to wash your face before applying retinoid acid and wait until the face is completely dry.

Rules use retinoic acid as an acne medicine

Here are some tips if you use retinoic acid as an acne remedy, but want to avoid the side effects that may arise:

  • Some people who have sensitive skin, pregnant women, and breastfeeding are not recommended to use this substance.
  • Benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) can disable retinoids. Therefore, do not use skin products with these ingredients while you are using retinoic acid as an acne remedy.
  • Avoid using this substance in open wounds or skin burns due to sunburn, and skin around the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Do not wear them in damp skin condition. Wait at least 20 minutes after washing your face.
  • Retinoic acid is usually used at night before bed because this substance will not work effectively if exposed to the sun.
  • While using retinoric acid for treatment, it is mandatory to use sunblock to protect facial skin from exposure to UV rays that may cause photosensitive (redness).
  • Do not combine this product with glycolic acid or vitamin C, nor do you use it after scrubbing.
  • The use of retinoic acid for acne is quite thinly applied to the skin.
  • It takes several weeks of use, generally 9 to 12 weeks, until the skin condition improves. That is why, you must be patient and patient in order to get maximum results.
  • Never use too much retinoic acid or use it more often than your doctor prescribes or labels. Doing so will not increase its effectiveness, but will increase the side effects.

Immediately discontinue use and consult a dermatologist for proper treatment if side effects from the retinoic acid use worsen or your skin condition does not improve, for example, severe inflammation, burning, blistering, ulceration, and skin discoloration occur.

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