PlayStation Network – An Overview

When Sony released PlayStation 3, it came with this brand-new thing… The PlayStation Network, also called PSN. This service enables PS3 and PSP (PlayStation Portable) consumers to connect to the web and play their favorite games with folks all around the world. PSN was declared in a meeting in 2006, and published when PS3 first hit shops. The PSN code generator is free for everyone; it allows the use of the PlayStation Store, the internet, and the PlayStation Home. You may add this virtual wallet and money, and it will just make the trade from there when you buy something from the shop. There are a couple of ways to add money some of them are: PlayStation Network Cards, Credit Cards, and tickets which may be purchased in stores all over the world. Both ways are easy that is it and because you have to enter your info, the amount you want to add to your account. For the PSN cards, you must enter a code.

PlayStation Plus

There is an optional service with a fee since the PlayStation Network is free. The PlayStation Plus (also known as PS+) will allow it’s users to acquire the newest game demos, automatic upgrades, premium material and other fancy stuff while being able to utilize the standard PSN software. Users can buy a subscription or a three month. North American consumers get a subscription to Qore as a bonus.


Qore is an online magazine to your PSN. Currently, it’s only available in North America. It provides never before seen the footage, exclusive access to interviews and game demos. All videos are in High-Definition. For people from the United Kingdom, although FirstPlay is also an online magazine, and it comes out weekly then monthly.

The PlayStation Store

The PS Store is an Internet Market for PSP and PS3 users. Users can download complete games content, and reviews out of here. Every Tuesday the shop is updated. The PS Store was not available for a long time due to the PSN outage.
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