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Noodle Salad Caprese Recipe

This recipe Nudelsalat Caprese is a recipe for a Caprese salad with saturating noodle dish. Caprese Salad is an absolute classic in Italian cuisine and should be composed of the three colors of the Italian national flag red-white-green. In the process alternately red sun-ripened tomatoes, draped with white mozzarella cheese and green basil leaves decoratively on plates and only sprinkled with some salt, possibly some freshly ground pepper and drizzled with high-quality olive oil as classic caprese salad.

Here, with my pasta salad in the style of a caprese salad compiled, however, the noodles are spilled with a salad sauce, so that the pasta has a fine salad flavor.

Ingredients: for 2 people

  • 150 g of compact pasta
  • (Fork spaghetti, croissants or
  • Short macaroni etc.)
  • 250 g of cocktail tomatoes
  • 125 g mini mozzarella balls or
  • Mozzarella cut into small cubes
  • Approximately 25 fresh basil leaves
  • salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper

For the salad dressing:

  • 3 tablespoons of red wine
  • salt
  • Some sugar to taste
  • 2 tablespoons of mild olive oil


  1. For the preparation of this noodle salad Caprese recipe, the prepared pastry should be boiled first in well-salted boiling water (1 tbsp salt to 1 liter of water) to still slightly bite-proof noodles.

During this time prepare the salad dressing:

  1. From vinegar, salt, some sugar to taste, freshly ground black pepper and first only 1 tbsp of olive oil a salad dressing.
  2. Drain the finished cooked noodles with a strainer, drain, then immediately add the warm noodles to a salad bowl.
  3. Sprinkle the still warm noodles with the salad dressing, and then cool the noodle salad in the kitchen.

For the completion of the pasta salad Caprese:

  1. Wash half of the washed cocktail tomatoes.
  2. Remove mini mozzarella from the lake or cut larger mozzarella into cubes.
  3. Wash washed, spotted basil leaflets in coarse strips.
  4. Drink tomatoes and about half of the basil leaves and mozzarella loosely under the noodle salad.
  5. Taste the noodle salad and if necessary, taste it with a little salt and vinegar.
  6. Add the remaining basil and mozzarella to the pasta salad and add the second tbsp olive oil just before serving.

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