Natural Light For Kitchen Room

Natural Light For Kitchen Room

Wall removed between kitchen and dining room provides lots of natural light and clear site lines

The element that absolutely can not miss in perfect loft is undoubtedly the natural light. The attics are in fact often dark environments and no openings. For this reason, if even our attic has no windows, you will need to achieve them. Depending on the roof construction and our needs we can of course choose from several options. The most common type is generally the inset window in a pitched roof, as we see in this example, a solution, besides being handy, even big impact because it will give to the attic a remarkable panoramic view. The advice if you intend to use the attic all year, maybe even as a bedroom, study or children’s play room, make sure you choose a model of thermal insulating window, with convenient and versatile opening.

A small terrace

If space (and condos!) Allow, as an alternative to the window we could give light to our attic room even with a charming terrace https://www.solasbars.com, as we see in this fascinating proposal STUDIO BARTOLUCCI. Of course, in addition to requiring the project’s approval by the condominium – whether we live in a palace – you will need to check your local building code, to understand what kind of documentation and permits are required.

Although the available space will be reduced, we can create an impressive terrace from which to enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding rooftops.

The beamed ceiling

The beams are one of the most intriguing elements that characterize the lofts. Depending on our personal taste and characteristics of your room, we can choose to leave them raw, as we see in this proposal GUARNIERILAB, or paint them stained wood, rather than white.

And if in our attic was not possible to recover the original structure, we could always install the fake beams, wood or polyurethane, depending on our needs.

the parquet

Caro, warm parquet let’s face it, when we think of an attic is inevitable run with the mind all’accoppiata multi parquet beams! Whatever the style that we want to give our attic, the wooden floor will be the element that will help make the stylish and friendly environment.

A small bathroom

If we want to create an environment in the attic to be lived daily, the advice is to consider the idea to realize you a small bathroom we might take advantage of the lowest part of the ceiling to position the bathtub, as we can see in this proposal. Of course, if you live in a condominium, before proceeding with the bathroom project, we will have to apply for authorization to the assembly, and in any case check the presence of water and sewage connections.

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