Melon Fruit Benefits for Our Body Health

Based on the nutrients contained in the melon as indicated in the table above and are based on scientific research, here are some of the benefits of a melon for human health.

benefits melon


1. Good for Heart Health Melon can help heart health in two ways. First, d with a high level of food fiber, which can help reduce “bad” cholesterol in the body, so as to protect the body against atherosclerosis. Second, also because of the high content of potassium, which acts as a vasodilator, which can reduce your blood pressure, thereby reducing the chances of developing coronary heart disease or suffer a stroke/heart attack.

2. Good for Healthy Digestion Dietary fiber, especially soluble fiber such as pectin, which is contained in the melon is very high. This fiber can help relieve constipation, making bowel movements become fluent and able to overcome the problem of gastrointestinal (digestive) others. S closely dissolved contained in the melon makes us feel full, so we do not need to overeat. Therefore, the fruit is very suitable for you who are dieting or want to control your weight.

3. Boost Immune System and Prevent Cancer Benefits of melon above mediated by a high content of vitamin C, vitamin A and carotenoids and bioflavonoids. All of these substances are antioxidants that can improve endurance. That’s why eating a melon can protect our body from various diseases including cancer . More specifically, melon also contains organic compounds that have been linked directly to a reduction in lung cancer , mouth, colon, and breast.

4. Maintain Cardiovascular Health This melon is rich in potassium which controls blood pressure, thus maintaining the health of your heart. The mineral also combats hypertension and prevents the body’s sodium in order not to endanger further. Melon is also rich in a compound called adenosine are beneficial for the heart because it has blood-thinning properties. It prevents blood clots in the cardiovascular system. Vitamin C prevents arteriosclerosis hardening of the arteries while folate helps prevent heart attacks.

5. Reduce Stress Jobs and the number of tasks makes you stressed? Try to reap the benefits of melon, because the fruit is rich in potassium which helps normalize the heartbeat and increases the supply of oxygen to the brain, making you feel more relaxed and focused. In addition melon contains superoxide dismutase which can combat stress by lowering blood pressure and calms the nerves. This also prevents cell death caused by oxidative stress.

6. Prevent Diabetic Nephropathy Diabetic nephropathy is a kidney disorder in which the kidneys are being damaged cells are dangerous. Melon extract, known as ” oxygen ” can prevent this condition. In addition, melon also has a low glycemic index (GI), which means that fructose and glucose contained in the cantaloupe is a simple sugar. Thus, the fruit is safe for diabetics and those suffering from obesity.

7. Beneficial for Lung Perhaps many of us who do not know that the melon is one of the best fruit for our lungs? Melon intake regularly replenish the body from a loss of vitamin A during some periods caused by smoking continuously or exposed to smoke-free. Melon helps rejuvenate the lungs and is very useful for smokers lungs has been severely damaged by smoke.

8. Treatment of Insomnia Maybe you’re one of insomnia and difficulties overcome? Do not worry, you can reap the benefits of melon, melon contains compounds for unique compound good for nerve function and soothes anxiety. Thus, this fruit will help insomniacs to get rid of sleep disorders by calming their nervous system.

9. Relieve Menstrual Problems Vitamin C contained in the melon effective in regulating the menstrual flow and reduces menstrual cramps in women. Melon consumption on a regular basis during the menstrual flow and clotting can reduce significantly, it can also eliminate other menstrual problems. Sometimes melon is also used to induce menstruation.

10. Help Lose Weight Melon can aid in weight loss because it is low in calories and high in fiber. Fill the stomach by eating high-fiber foods can make you feel full longer. Thus preventing you from overeating and snacking desires on the sidelines during the night.

11. Helpful for Pregnant Women Folic acid often recommended for women who want to become pregnant and also for those who are pregnant. High folate content in melon helps produce and maintain new cells, especially in pregnant women and also to prevent interference to the fetus.



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