Make Up Spring 2015 Cosmetics For The Summer

Make Up Spring 2015 Cosmetics For The Summer

The season changes and beauty products adapt ??the makeup for spring 2015 becomes light and bright, the texture of creams and cleansers are transformed into delicate mousse and fresh gel, colored creams take the place of the foundation here is the products of makeup that should be replaced when it’s hot.

The change of season is not just about the cabinets, but involves feeding, habits and also the beauty case! If the heat drives us (and forces) using light and breathable clothing, the same needs to happen for the beauty products we use daily. The texture of cosmetics and creams become lighter and with a sun protection factor, which maintains healthy skin when the sun beats down. In addition, the waterproof feature, which prevents to see casting away all the makeup because of the sweat, is another key element for the summer products for makeup.

Health and skin care products are based on certain unshakable cornerstones, beginning with the proper cleansing; products that are used in the morning and those that remove makeup should be replaced when summer comes. The cleansing milk must be free of oils, as with the hot the skin will still be less dry; formulations such as mousse or gel, rinse, are perfect for cleaning the face for combination and oily skin, while those with dry skin can opt for the micellar water, perfect all year to remove the makeup in gentle and safe. To avoid the appearance of enlarged pores, use always a astringete tonic but not aggressive you risk getting the opposite effect. Never forget to apply a good moisturizer, oil-free and comedogene substances the texture of the cream should be light, able to dry quickly and should not leave a greasy feeling on your face; if this happens, in fact, it means that the cream is too heavy for your skin.

The actual makeup is actually almost completely revised; archived foundation that used during the cold season it is certainly too opaque and is likely to melt in the sun. Opt for colored creams, such as BB or CC Cream Cream, and play with concealer and powder to cover pimples and discromie.Queste colored creams are also perfect for more mature skins, it is important to choose one that fits our skin type and apply it carefully. If you have the bad skin, use the same makeup winter is likely just yet occlude more pores, favoring the appearance of additional blemishes.

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