Loading Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier For Long Trip

diy cargo carrier

diy cargo carrierAre you taking your hitch mounted cargo carrier on a long trip for the first time? Then you must have a lot of thing to pack with you. Planning on how to maximize the room on the hitch carrier should be on your mind. As you know, the carrier is not able to handle too much. Learn the trick to slip a bunch of things without exceeding the weight limit.

  1. Light Bag Material

Instead of a thick suitcase, it would be better to pick pliable material such as nylon and leather. While loading them on the tray, it would be easier to press them down. You could also slip extra jackets inside.

  1. Medium Size Bag

Since the holiday will take a few days, you might be tempted to bring one big bag. It may seem efficient at first, but soon becomes a problem when it could not fit to the tray. Four medium sized bags could be lined to a row.

  1. The Biggest First

When it is time to load the items to the tray, start out with the biggest bag you have. It will help you to see how much space is left. If possible, the biggest luggage is filled with this you will need after arriving at the destination.

  1. Extra Safety

You know how the luggage tend to bounce as the car engine is running. Don’t forget to tie up the luggage with a ratchet tie down. It could be tightened no matter what luggage you are carrying.

  1. Tying Together

If you have any light luggage that may fly away by the wind, tape them together. Then tie these items to the tray or any heavier luggage.

Even simple thing such as taking lighter bag material and medium-sized bag could help you to maximize the items for your holiday. In the end, it is better to have a lot of bags with lighter weight than one big heavy bag. Enjoy your first long trip with hitch mounted cargo carrier without any worry!

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