Let’s Go to HIJUP Model Look Final Night! ​​​

. I’d like to convey that I’m very supporting HijUp Model Look event because this event really give motivation to everyone especially Muslim women who want to covered their body with hijab yet make them still look fashionable, inspiring and worthwhile to others. This event supplies the finalist with a lot of knowledge, experience, and training which useful for the finalist self-development. I hope this event will continue, and event like this will be repeated again, in every year. And then generate finalist who could change the world. Not only in Indonesia, but also in the whole world. And if you want to see the finalist in grand final Saturday night, April 13th , 7pm in fX Sudirman.Come please! Hi! If you want to see your ace in HijUp Model Look or you have friends, family, and whoever Don’t forget to come to HijUp Model Look Grand Final Night in fX Sudirman, April 13th at 7pm. Not only grand final night in there, bazaar also jazz up that event. I’m waiting your attendance! Very big appreciation of everybody’s effort who always want to express Muslim women to be beautiful outside but they build the beauty from the inside I hope HijUp always consistent with the philosophy Don’t forget to come to HijUp Model Look Grand Final on Saturday, April 13th in fX Sudirman Jakarta.baju busana muslim murah instagram

This is one of great competition. I hope this event will be succeed and must to seen because this event is incredible. For the finalist, stay istiqomah, don’t afraid to express yourself, and keep fighting! This HijUp event, absolutely HijUp Model Look very good for Muslim women model who istiqomah in wear hijab. Muslim women model still got chance to expand their creativity in modeling world. In this competition, we don’t just seek a model but also a role model for Muslim women who have beauty inside and outside. In this event, we held various training such as acting class, modeling class, and Muslim women personality class. Don’t forget to come to HijUp Model Look Grand Final Night in HijUp festival event series. Saturday April 13th 2013 at 7pm in fX Sudirman..

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