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Leopard Gecko Breeders

It might be possible to find a nice and healthy leopard gecko at your local pet store. How would you know what you are buying?  Some leopard geckos are from the hot, rocky climates of Asia which is their natural habitat, and get imported into the United States. Not a very good scenario mostly because wild born leopard gecko should really stay in the wild. Now going to expert leopard gecko breeders to purchase your leopard gecko is the way to go. Wouldn’t you want the insurance that your new lizard is healthy and come from a good supply. You want to know the age of your gecko, they can live up to twenty years, it is most beneficial to know this. It can be a challenge to find leopard gecko breeders in your area as leopard geckos are rare creatures.

Familiarize yourself with what you are buying in order to choose the best leopard gecko.

Before you buy your gecko be sure to handle it, be certain that you examine it over very well. Being able to tell the difference between a healthy and an unhealthy leopard gecko is very important. Some attributes of a nice and healthy gecko includes a clear eyes, clear nose and vent. Leopard geckos have full body and tail and are naturally active and alert. When they are lacking food they use the fat store in they tail. They store fat there for that purpose. Check for a nice and full tail that will determine if they are well fed. They should also have a healthy looking skin. When you bring it home it should show a very healthy appetite by eating on a regular basis. A non-healthy lizard will have bumps, sores, swelling on the skin area. Check for any type of paralysis of its legs and tail. Look out for mucus in the mouth and nose area. Additional signs that a leopard gecko is not healthy are irregular feces, have awkward breathings, tired and very worn out.

Check to see if your new lizard is friendly. Expert leopard gecko breeders take time to tame their lizards which will be helpful for when you purchase it. If the leopard gecko is unfriendly that’s a good way to determine if the leopard gecko breeder is taking good care of it or are they all about the money. It is also helpful to find out what sex your leopard gecko is. The care needs for each gender are different. You can use this as an indicator if the leopard gecko breeder is taking good care of the animal because he or she should know that different genders will require special leopard gecko care. Besides, good leopard gecko breeders will have no trouble knowing the sex of the lizard.

Reptile shows are good places to find leopard gecko breeders. These shows have become very popular over the years. Well-informed leopard gecko breeders, lovers, suppliers attend those reptile shows at the time. This is the best place especially if you are looking for specific color patterns so go and have fun looking for the right leopard gecko for you and your family.

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