Kirito Anime Cosplay for Gamer: Can be Implemented in Daily-Use

Kirito Cosplay

Today, it is good to show steps to create a Kirito anime cosplay from Sword Art Online series both from original light novel and anime adaptation. Basically, Kirigaya Kazuto or known as Kirito comes with several version so you require at least decide on one which version do you like. But as a gamer who not really into cosplaying, maybe the “real-life” version could be perfect for you! You don’t need to wear the costume only on anime event or something, but also in your daily life.

Kirito showed up in his ideal handsome avatar during the first time he dive into Sword Art Online game as the beta-testing stage. He looks clearly older than he was. His avatar in-game height was similar to that of his height in real life avoding any additional height from restricting his movements.

But during the time of antagonist Kayaba Akihiko’s new tutorial, all players were changed to reflect their real world looks, all of them, including all their faces and hairstyle in real life. After this switch, Kirito’s avatar had slightly long but a nice black hair and eyes. HIs soft face revealed no trace of masculinity, letting people to misstep bum for a girl, especially in GGO.

Well, through this article, we will not likely talk about all of his avatar, but we only want you to choose his real life style. If you want to know more about cosplay in detail, maybe you can visit this site for more information. Well, the real life style one will fit for any gamer who want to try anime cosplay but still in minor stage, and also you can cosplaying anytime you want without people recognize it, except some people who really know about Kirito and anime.

Kirito Anime Cosplay in Real Life?

Yes, it’s really possible since you can find material you need. We have seen a lot of his scenes in real world, but my favorite one is when he tried to save Asuna in hospital, the first time they meet with each other. In that moment, Kirito went to the hospital and fight with Sugou in real life, after he defeating him in online game with “real pain” features.

As you can see in the pictures above that Kirito is wearing the black jacket but still leave a little RPG vibe. This is a winter jacket so it can’t be used during Summer, but you can definitely wear it in Fall and Winter season starting from October. You can find the jacket online. My recommendation is you can visit Amazon, Ebay, or visit the site I already mentioned above, Anime Bibly. That’s a good site for any cosplay lovers. The site was made by professional in reviewing anime, cosplayer, gaming review, light novel, and also merchandise.

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