Keep Thinking Positive About A Happy Life

I’ve met many people in my life that are very negative. They moan about apparently everything and walk around with all the burden of the world on their shoulders. I was also like this until age twenty-two, in this age I decided to get a new strategy to life.

For those first twenty-two decades, I was eternally feeling sorry for myself. My buddies all appeared to have so much greater than me, and my entire life was one long hard battle, compared to theirs. I was trapped in a web of negativity and needed someone or something to help me to escape.

During an afternoon in the office one day, dated because I say twenty-two, a colleague I was working with began to speak to me. What he stated was a shock to me, however, would have a profound effect on my future. He said to me:

“You are someone who constantly believes in a negative way, you a right depressive individual, aren’t you?”

I said in a shocked voice as I believed I was not any different to anyone else. He continued:

You very rarely smile, you’re negative about most issues and you always appear to be carrying the world on your shoulders”.

This man was aged around fifty-three and continued:

“I used to be just like you and then I had given some advice, of that I am now going to relay to you personally. When you are feeling down, depressed or accountable for yourself, read the papers or see the news on the tv. You will then realize that you are in fact among those lucky ones.”

I had never been a major reader or watcher of this news but decided to give it a try. The advice that he gave me was totally correct, the information from around the world, as well as my own nation, was quite shocking. I realized that the anxieties I had were actually quite trivial and that I had to cherish every day and begin to look on the bright side of life.

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