Ideal Breakfasts Portion For Health

Ideal Breakfasts Portion

It is common knowledge that breakfast is one of the most important meals. Not only provide energy for the activities of the day, a healthy and nutritious breakfast can help the body stay healthy while keeping the ideal weight remains.

However, most people in the country consume breakfast with very simple, often in the form of rice and side dishes such as eggs, tempeh, and other protein foods. In fact, health experts say that breakfast should also pay attention to the intake of good nutrition.

Ideal Breakfasts Portion

Reported, not only about the balance of nutrition, a good breakfast is also influenced by the portion of food we consume. If it is too little, of course we will easily hungry for not getting enough energy. Conversely, if we eat too much, weight and risk of obesity can rise.

So, what is the ideal breakfast portion? Health experts say that it’s good we consume foods that can provide 25 to 30 percent of our daily caloric needs. For example, if you are a female who weighs 50 kg, then it’s good breakfast we can meet 350 to 400 calories. Meanwhile, if you are a man weighing 70 kg, then breakfast should meet 500 calories.

According to health experts, it helps us to meet the needs of carbohydrates, protein, and fruit at breakfast. For fruit, we can choose fruit like apple, banana, and berry berry fruit. For carbohydrates, we can choose rice, bread, or cereal with a portion around the fist.

Meanwhile, for protein, we can consume about as thick and as wide as our palms. If we want to consume milk, it’s good consumption of milk is not exceed 250 ml.

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