Huawei Nexus, Other Confirmed There Will Also Be Smartwatch Compatible With IPhone

Huawei Nexus, Other Confirmed There Will Also Be Smartwatch Compatible With IPhone

Huawei Nexus will, this is now certain. The marriage between Big G and the Chinese company known primarily for P and Honor series smartphone will formalize in the fall when the light will be the designated heir Motorola Nexus 6, which has not had much luck actually, that a device with a 5.7-inch display, which also may be joined another, smaller (5.2 inches) and produced by LG.

According to the latest rumors, however, the combination Huawei Nexus will not concern only a smartphone the collaboration would go well beyond the mere production of phones and even concerns the establishment of a mobile application store for China.

Not only that it seems that in the Huawei Nexus partnership projects there could also be a new Huawei watch compatible with iOS and ultimately with the iPhone, to try to attack the two market segments. Over the past few months he had in fact spoken of the possibility that Google wanted to make the Android Wear smartwatch also compatible with iOS.

Huawei, for sure, would gain credibility in Western markets, particularly in the US where the Chinese manufacturer has little appeal. Google on the other hand would have the option, via Huawei, to finally bring an app store in China Mobile, the operation was made impossible so far from the restrictions imposed by the Chinese government.

Facebook update with the new News Feed see only what ‘you really care

From today thanks to the latest Facebook updates, you can decide what to display on our home page. It is not just news, but also to individuals we can also select the friends and pages you want to always see first in the top of the post and news flow.

Not only updating Facebook there is also a new icon for the request of friends in the name of gender equality. Before there was a woman behind a man, in smaller dimensions; But now the female icon appears in front of the male and both are the same size.

The new Facebook News Feed

Within the section Preferences of the News Feed – Facebook says in a note – you can easily select the profile image of a friend to see his posts first. All shared post – since the last access to Facebook – all from selected contacts will then be displayed at the top of the News Feed and marked with a star, useful to remember why these stories are in that position. Then scrolling down on the News Feed will not see normally all other content .

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