How to Get Function and Style in Koi Fish Pond

Thinking about building and maintaining koi fish pond? The constructing of koi ponds for the intention of personal enjoyment or reproduction is a long time hobby in Japan. Japanese farmers at first build ponds to quarter carp brought in from China as food source. As the time goes by, the Japanese farmers started breeding the colored mutations of the fish as hobby. Today, we call these colored carps as Koi.

The process of designing koi fish pond is a very rewarding experience owing to the chance of releasing your personal creativity. The gist is that no matter what you choose to build, just be creative and allow your imagination to be your guide. Aside from imagination and creativity, there are several things you should consider in making Koi pond such as the amount of dissolved oxygen in the pond. Moreover, Koi needs a definite level of oxygen in the water to preserve the growth, health and reproduction. The lowest amount level is 6 mg of dissolved oxygen per liter water. Cold water will obviously have extra dissolved oxygen than the warm water. Consequently, it is vital to watch on the dissolved oxygen levels all through the summer months.

In addition, to avoid severe Koi condition called as lamellare hyperplasia, the levels of ammonia in the pond water must be kept in check regularly. Plants are the essential part of Koi pond. Besides creating a pond to look more pleasing and natural, you could also give very helpful effects on water quality. Koi ponds need some individual attention relating to the tools required to keep the pond water in good condition. Healthy water generally brings healthy fishes. Those are some tips of building koi fish pond. Whether it will be a reproduction or for a hobby, the principles are the same aims to keep the koi fish pond in good condition, both for fish and also its pond water.

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