Guide How To Use Layla on Mobile Legends

Today Layla is, in fact, the very first hero you are given when you start the game so you don’t even have to waste any issues on her. And for being the default option hero she is really among the best used.

Layla is a Marksman class so a ranged character making her very good for assaulting turrets while the minions take all of the heat. She is also good for taking down enemy heroes even if she’s fighting close quarters.

Her skills are pretty much run by the mill range personality stuff. They all are long-range skills and each deal decent damage.

Her third ability, Destruction Rush, is where the heavy harm lies. Employing this onto a hero is the best approach to deal decent damage and gets you a good opening to take out them.

So for your very first free hero, Layla is much better than given credit for and definitely worth a play.

Tips for Layla

You want to utilize the default item recommended a build for her. It gives her life steal, damage and some shield.
You wish to use her to kite your own enemies. To learn to kite, you wish to attack, cast a spell, move your character forward or backward and then attacking again. This is also referred to as animation canceling. Practice doing this and you’ll deal a lot more damage.
Her ultimate is used as a finisher when seeking to snipe off running enemies. I advise you use it when they’re less than 1/8 health to get a guaranteed kill.

So I hope this guide was helpful to some of you just starting out. As I stated the basics of the game are extremely straightforward and easy to get the hang of.

And if you are still hung up one that hero to use I highly suggest the three I mentioned previously. But if you are still not sold consistently look to the hero turning.

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