Green Tea Frappuccino Ingredients

Green Tea Frappuccino IngredientsAre you looking for healthy beverage to consume? Green tea is a great beverage for you and it has a lot of great ingredients that will benefit your body and prevents you from various disease, from headache, migrain to serious illness like various kind of cancer. But some people may not fond of the taste of original green tea, that is why there are various creation to consume this beverage for a more fun experience. One of the most favorite is the green tea frappucino beverage, not only it has great taste but you also get the healthy benefit plus extra energy boost to help you with your daily activity.

The ingredients needed for this recipe is fairly easy to find at the nearest market, and all you need to do is to blend it well together. The ingredients you will need to make a delicious green tea frappuccino beverage are 240 ml of milk, 2 teaspoon of matcha or green tea powder, half teaspoon of vanilla extract, 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar, ice cubes as needed and optionally you can also add vanilla ice cream or cream if you wish. If you prefer, you can also add xanthan gum, it will make the green tea frappuccino a liitle bit gummy. This xanthan gum will also prevent crystallization if you add some ice cream in the beverage.

At last, put all the ingredients together inside a blender, except for the ice cream or cream if you wish to add it, and blend it throughly until all the ingredients mixed well. Pour the drink in a glass then place the ice cream or cream on top of it, it is best to use vanilla ice cream since it taste great for various combinations. With this green tea frappucino, you can have a great healthy beverages and also extra energy.

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