Floral Prints, How To Combine Them With Style

Floral Prints, How To Combine Them With Style

Floral prints, how to match them with style and wear unique outfits, glamorous and for sure effect. Few simple tips to follow to create the right look for any occasion.

Spring Summer 2014 season has as must the floral prints, but it is not always easy to understand how to match it to not overdo it. If minidresses are extremely practical, because they are enough for themselves and need only to add contrasting accessories for a strong or pastel effect in pastel shades for a more romantic look, the same can not be said when it comes to more demanding bosses Such as trousers, skirts, shirts and shirts.

For pants, especially those typically summer like the goat model, bright floral prints are preferred, with bright colors to match with silk shirts; In this case, you have two choices, depending on the occasion if you do not want to give too much in your eye, opt for a plain shirt, even a strong color, but still present in your pants print, or you can Floral print contrasting, different from that of the trousers, which completely destroys harmony. As for the leggings, remember that they are not real pants and that we wear lighter lingerie in the summer, so match them with knits or tunics, fresh and light, to cover what should not be of public dominance.

As for skirts, large or floral print high-waist models should be knit and top-dressed (even strapless, with a neckline); The more formal cut, however, can be highlighted by shirts and blouses. Even in this case, the color discourse depends on the effect you want to obtain and on the occasion of use.

Jerseys and floral print tops can make your outfit more romantic or cheerful if you decide to wear the usual jeans; You can also combine accessories with floral prints (both equal and contrasting) to make it stand out on bags, shoes and scarfs.

The new Stella McCartney handbags have a polygonal design and are available in a wide range of colors and finishes ranging from classic neutral shades (the usual winter shades including black) to the most eccentric nuances, such as electric blue, but do not go unnoticed Not even the snake print version, which will definitely throw the animal’s lovers.

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