Display Smartphone LG G4

Display Smartphone LG G4

The display is one of the strong points of G4 along with the camera. The IPS LCD panel (protected by a Gorilla Glass 4 glass) has a 2K resolution (2560 × 1440 pixels) and is built with Quantum Display technology, which makes colors brighter and more realistic in fact, color rendering is really very true And brilliant; The whites are very bright and the blacks are very deep, almost like super-amoled. The viewing angles are great and allow you to see the display even at extreme angles. The maximum brightness allows the phone to be used under direct sunlight without problems and the brightness sensor works very well and allows for almost all situations great visibility. The only defect in this display is that, being 2k, it consumes a lot, even at automatic brightness. As you can see from the screenshots in the battery section, the screen is always the main source of battery usage with percentages ranging around 50%.


One of the few defects found in the use of LG G4 is the maximum autonomy, especially with software versions 10a-EUR and 10b-EUR harga iphone. It was really hard to overcome the 4 hours of on-screen display with average usage. Conversely, with the new version 10c-EUR, the consumptions have been optimized as seen from screenshots with medium intensive Wi-Fi usage (with many background active apps and syncing an active Google account) we are Managed to get to 4 hours and 30 minutes of on-screen display a good result counting that for much of the afternoon the network was absent or very unstable (which, with the active data network, shifted to a greater battery consumption) and that At 4 hours and 30 minutes we have come up with 80% of the battery (see the screenshots). This demonstrates that just enough optimization was enough to achieve acceptable autonomy. As you can see, the screen consumes almost half of the battery and not the other applications, a sign that with a lesser-defined screen (a full-hd for example) could have achieved greater autonomy than many of the top-of-the-range 2015.

As for the test with the other magnetic pad, the smallest and the round one, I used it first on the iPhone 5S and then on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Personally, I preferred to paste the plaque on the outside of my device cover as I have a rigid battery cover that would not allow me to place the above-mentioned plaque, which is possible with soft or semi-rigid covers.

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