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Natural Light For Kitchen Room

Natural Light For Kitchen Room

Wall removed between kitchen and dining room provides lots of natural light and clear site lines

The element that absolutely can not miss in perfect loft is undoubtedly the natural light. The attics are in fact often dark environments and no openings. For this reason, if even our attic has no windows, you will need to achieve them. Depending on the roof construction and our needs we can of course choose from several options. The most common type is generally the inset window in a pitched roof, as we see in this example, a solution, besides being handy, even big impact because it will give to the attic a remarkable panoramic view. The advice if you intend to use the attic all year, maybe even as a bedroom, study or children’s play room, make sure you choose a model of thermal insulating window, with convenient and versatile opening.

A small terrace

If space (and condos!) Allow, as an alternative to the window we could give light to our attic room even with a charming terrace, as we see in this fascinating proposal STUDIO BARTOLUCCI. Of course, in addition to requiring the project’s approval by the condominium – whether we live in a palace – you will need to check your local building code, to understand what kind of documentation and permits are required.

Although the available space will be reduced, we can create an impressive terrace from which to enjoy the spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding rooftops.

The beamed ceiling

The beams are one of the most intriguing elements that characterize the lofts. Depending on our personal taste and characteristics of your room, we can choose to leave them raw, as we see in this proposal GUARNIERILAB, or paint them stained wood, rather than white.

And if in our attic was not possible to recover the original structure, we could always install the fake beams, wood or polyurethane, depending on our needs.

the parquet

Caro, warm parquet let’s face it, when we think of an attic is inevitable run with the mind all’accoppiata multi parquet beams! Whatever the style that we want to give our attic, the wooden floor will be the element that will help make the stylish and friendly environment.

A small bathroom

If we want to create an environment in the attic to be lived daily, the advice is to consider the idea to realize you a small bathroom we might take advantage of the lowest part of the ceiling to position the bathtub, as we can see in this proposal. Of course, if you live in a condominium, before proceeding with the bathroom project, we will have to apply for authorization to the assembly, and in any case check the presence of water and sewage connections.

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Don’t Create Vegetable Garden Before You Read This

Vegetable garden raised beds provide an excellent deal of options in regard to how involved you wish to be, it is possible to do everything your self if you want or you can buy ready to use vegetable garden raised beds.

Read This Before You Create Vegetable Garden

We can only recommend that you just purchase vinyl raised vegetable garden bed and you end up saving money, instead of spending it. Sounds like a contradiction? Well it is true, getting complete vegetable garden raised beds is cheaper then making them yourself.

Landscaping Ideas For the Yard and Garden

The materials and all the time and effort it will take you to create one from scratch is not worth the trouble. And because they are made from vinyl they will last for many many years. Much longer then when you construct them yourself.

Gardening is a great deal of fun because, after all, a garden is something that you need to grown and maintain yourself it is a reflection of your personality which only you can create.

Having vegetable garden raised beds {does not involve the use of costly equipment or fertilizers, plant food or soil additives etc. so it truly is easy on the pocket.

Since an vegetable garden raised beds can be grown nearly anywhere and of any size, even the urban apartment dweller can have his own vegetable garden raised beds and brighten up his or her house.

If you happen to be planning vegetable garden raised beds you can find just a few straightforward points you might will need. Even so, for an raised vegetable garden, it may possibly be worthwhile to spend on buying a small gardening spade.

Next you have to get hold of soil, compost and seed. Prepare the soil, fill the vegetable garden raised beds and plant the seeds, you now have an vegetable garden, you might need mulch delivery service to get mulch.

Thinking of a single raised bed with seeds in it as a garden may perhaps sound silly, but once you get in the habit of caring for it and watching it grow, it wont be long ahead of you start expanding the size of your frame it all raised garden bed.}

Whenever you get the hang of it you typically extend on a larger scale and more complicated because people prefer to complete even more for themselves.

Finding a spot with the suitable amount of sunlight, this will depend on what you happen to be planting, is 1 of the first issues will require to do as is going to be determining what kinds of plants your garden will support best.

Compost is nothing more than decayed and decomposed organic matter like leaves, food scraps, cut grass, hay and so on that after fermenting are added to the soil to provided it the nutrients it needs to support plant growth.

Compost can be produced from cut grass and plants, leaves, food leftovers and most kind of organic waste materials.

Starting with vegetable garden raised beds might be a somewhat slow procedure but with the proper square foot gardening layout, you will likely be rewarded with a garden full of vegetables and flowers which are completely natural and without any of the harmful chemicals that fertilizers and pesticides add to them.

For many the ultimate reward of working with vegetable garden raised beds is the uncomplicated pleasure of just planting seeds and tending the plants as they grown under your care.

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Plan Your Vegetable Garden Now!

Vegetable garden planning, most people hide the vegetable garden as far from the residence as possible because they do not think it pleasing to the perrla eyes. I disagree, vegetables may not be flowery but well-organized rows looking healthy and green can make a fine exhibit. To have the vegetable patch adjacent to the kitchen door is also particularly convenient, provided there is an open, sunny space for it.

Vegetable garden planning

Vegetable Garden Planning

Even a small garden can make a productive vegetable and fruit area, for most families need only what may be called “convenience” vegetables, that is, summer salad material, snap beans, some tomato plants and herbs. If you have the space, larger crops, such as squash, broccoli, cucumbers and corn can be sited somewhere else, together with a soft fruit area perhaps, if preferred vegetable garden planning But be warned before you embark on a vegetable garden planning and making. However excited you are there are physical constraints to face.

If you wish to be self-sufficient through the vegetable garden planning of your garden, the planting, care and harvesting of food crops must govern the time you spend outside. To provide enough vegetables for an entire family throughout the year requires an area larger than most gardeners possess. Moreover, the labor is heavy, the time needed substantial if the vegetable garden is to be kept fully productive and in good order, and to be truly organic you will need room and time to maintain a compost cycle.

The resulting vegetables’ are therefore not cheap. Most people, of course, do not price their own time and it is certainly true that homegrown vegetables are more healthy and fresher than those bought from a grocery store. A deep-freeze is a important piece of equipment for anyone growing more than the minimum, since whole crops regularly come to completion at the same time and you can end up giving away the bulk of your produces.

It is impracticable to estimate the ideal size for a vegetable area during the vegetable garden planning phase, for it will depend on the size of your family, what you want to grow and how much time you have to tend it. Nevertheless, a vegetable garden measuring 3300ft2 should meet requirements of a family of four. The location of the garden will establish the plants that will grow best, the balmier the climate, the greater the yield. Production should increase over the years as you gain know-how and enrich the ground.

It is always clever to look around at what other gardeners in your area are achieving and learn from their knowledge of various crops.

If, after taking into consideration during the vegetable garden planning phase of all the factors, you decide to make a vegetable garden, make sure that its shape is strong and simple for it must be able to retain its character despite the continuous change from bare soil to mature crop that occurs as you prepare the soil, grow the crop and harvest it. An audacious, simple design is almost inevitable, since crops are traditionally grown in rows and should be served by hard paths for use throughout the year. vegetable garden planning The garden should also be separated into portions, so that different types of vegetables can be grown in different areas each year in rotation. In this way the soil will not become exhausted of any particular nutrient, nor will you promote disease or pests to remain in the soil to feed a second year on a favored host plant.

The vegetable area may be encompassed, and perhaps sub-divided, by some form of low surround. Edging box, a traditional garden surround, wills harbor slugs, which will feed on Brassica (the cabbage family) leaves, so it is healthier to use sage and rosemary for hedging, where hardy. Traditionally, the vegetable garden was walled to keep out pests, and divided within into four sections by wide paths, surrounded with flowers for cutting, or with herbs or trained fruit trees, while other trained fruit trees lined the walls.

There would be a neighboring potting shed, a greenhouse, some frames and a place for storing sand and another for mixed soil, both for proliferation and for making compost.

One of the four working sections contained soft fruit or an asparagus bed or clumps of rhubarb, and possibly herbs, for its contents were semi permanent. The other three cultivated areas housed crops, which were rotated annually, both to deter soil-borne pests and to maintain a balance of nutrients in different parts of the garden. Those are just some of the items to consider during the vegetable garden planning phase.

vegetable garden planning The way such a traditional rotation works today is usually in the following manner. Planted in the first bed are leguminous crops (peas and beans), with onions, shallots, leeks, lettuce, celery and radish since they all need well-dug soil with plenty of manure or organic compost built-in.

The next quarter of the area contains mainly Brassica plants (cabbage, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, kale, spinach and broccoli), and might need an inorganic feed to replace used minerals and possibly an application of lime if the soil is too acid. The third working quarter, where root crops are grown (potatoes, turnips, rutabagas, parsnips, salsify, celeriac and carrots) might need an initial application of inorganic fertilizer. Once the rotation is established, however, inorganic feed will not be needed, as the plots will remain in good health from the manure or organic compost they receive every third year.

This traditional system of rotating the crops of the kitchen garden is as appropriate now as it was in the old walled vegetable gardens that existed until 75 years ago, though few of us can practice the system on the large scale of a traditional fruit and vegetable garden. If you are a newcomer to vegetable gardening, you need to scale the system down and to adapt it, particularly when space is limited, to more intensive ways of inter-cropping vegetables.

Start by selecting varieties of vegetables that are of small growth (though not necessarily small cropping), which can be planted closer within the individual row. Then, between rows of slower, taller growing vegetables, plants quick-growing “catch” crops.

vegetable garden planning You will need to judge the different times of planting during your vegetable garden planning phase, rates of growth and size at maturity of your main crop vegetables, and then put in a quick-maturing crop before all the ground and light is used up.

Quick-growing vegetables consist of radish, which reaches maturity within six weeks; kohlrabi and turnips, which grow in eight weeks, and Chinese cabbage and carrots, which take nine or ten weeks. Quick-maturing vegetables are also useful as “succession” crops to make use of well-prepared soil once the main crop for the year has been harvested.

Succession crops should not be confused with “succession sowings”, which are sowings of the same vegetable at intervals to avoid a glut at harvest.

During the growing season be prepare to fill any ground vacated by a previous crop, for if you do not nature will. It is usually wise to discard a row of seedlings where germination has been poor in a small area and start again with another freshly planted crop.


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A Great New Look at Country Home Decor

Country style home decor has been a fixture in American culture for centuries. At times, it has been the popular, current look of the American home, which is where the style originated, while more recently it has tended to be used as a more vintage, reminiscent style than a look which is up to date, so to speak. That certainly does not have to be the case, however. With a few small and simple changes, country style home decor can be brought into the twenty-first century.

The great challenge of updating country style home decor is making the necessary changes in such a way that it leaves the basics in tact. After all, if you change the values and principles that are at the core of the country style, then you cannot truly call the result country at all. This is not to say that there is no variety within the country style.

A Great New Look at Country Home Decor

In fact, there are an amazing number of different subsets of the country decor, from the basic, frontier image of rustic country to the refined and elegant atmosphere of French country. Understanding these differences is the key to finding the right balance of changes and similarities to update your country look.

Take, for instance, the traditional American country decor. This is probably the best thing to use as a base line of country style home decor. The style is characterized by simplicity, in both the over all design of the objects in the decor, and in the function of everything. Usually, color schemes are light, very often based in a white tone, or sometimes a pale cream or beige.

Often, there are some natural elements involved in the decor, such as flowers (or, more often, floral prints.) Compare this to a few other country styles, such as the rustic style. Rustic decor is, indeed, simplistic in form and function. In fact, it is much more so simplistic than the traditional American style. Similarly, the presence of natural elements is much more pronounced in the rustic style, as essentially every piece of furniture in made from wood, most of which is unfinished. However, the coloration in the rustic style is generally quite a bit darker. See more modern luxury furniture

You can easily adapt your country style home decor by working with different levels of thee three principals. Adding more natural elements with give your decor a more earthy, rustic look. Similarly, more simplicity will make it look more old-fashioned. So, if you want to give your country decor a bit of an update, an excellent method would be to make things a bit more complex and a bit less natural.

This does not mean to cut nature altogether or over complicate your decor, by any means, but you should make your natural references a bit less obvious. For instance, work with stone rather than wood or flowers as your basic natural material, such as granite counter tops and the like. Also, try working in a few elements that one normally would not find in a traditional country style home decor.


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Contemporary House Design

Contemporary House Design

The house is made of elements characterized by an incredible lightness and above all the ease of transport. This is precisely one of the most important features of prefabricated houses, one for which enjoy such great popularity. Not only that, also, it can be assembled quickly and easily, but with the same rapidity and ease it can disassemble and move to another place.

This home features a contemporary design, a generous use of wood in different colors and textures, as well as compact Although small in size, however, it hides a functional living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and a small bedroom.

Traditional style

This cottage, which has an area of ??less than 40 square meters, oozes traditional charm from all sides. It was built with wood and then painted with this distinctive blue tint. The doors and windows white, moreover, wonderfully blend with the rest, giving the whole building an almost fairytale. Despite its small size, this cottage has been able to organize a living area, a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom with double bed.


This modern wood cabin boasts an area of ??less than 25 square meters, an ideal size for one person or a maximum of a couple without children. It could also be considered as an extension or an extra room compared to an existing home. The construction of the whole structure does not require more than a week. The coating consists of alpine larch and pine wood, while the interior is lined with sheets of drywall. Although it is hard to believe, in addition to a small living room, there is also a small loft.

Big and bright

Prefabricated houses does not necessarily have to be compact. Some companies specialized in architecture, also can produce prefabricated houses of considerable size. A perfect example is that in a photo. A house made of wood and glass segments, as well as beautiful, is also a great example of modern architecture. This simple design house fits perfectly into the surrounding green landscape, and this thanks to large windows opening on the environment and allow natural light to enter freely inside.

a container

The houses derived from the use of the container are a special type of manufactured homes. They are created from old container which, after being treated and renewed, serve perfectly as private accommodation. This option is relatively cheap and its construction is quite rapid. In this case the container has been coated with the outside of the wood, giving a more elegant character to the whole.

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75 M Away From The Chaos Of The City

75 M Away From The Chaos Of The City

Life in the city certainly has its good points, but once in a while is not bad to escape a bit ‘, looking for peace, silence and contact with nature, which is always healthy. The draft brings us today to discover a haven of this type 75 sqm, 6 months of work, 120,000 euro budget for a very refined building, contemporary taste, but which retains the past building techniques. A pleasant mix of innovation and tradition. Let’s discover together this architect’s work Marchesi.

An idyllic setting

Impossible not to feel immediately to heaven, coming to a place like that! The scenario is that of a corner of the countryside, with the necessary space to enjoy the sun and trees for shelter and feel safe.

Already from the outside we can perceive the presence of the past and present, as regards the construction techniques and finishes The walls are stone and the windows are protected by brise-soleil composite wood, complemented by steel supports.

internal quality

Upon entering it is completely alien to everything, to immerse yourself in what might almost be described as a dream-like reality. The clean lines, the essentiality of spaces and the quality of the materials they create truly unique. The birch plywood ago by coating, wrapping and making the room cozy. The large window is structured so as to also provide a session to be able to observe the panorama.

Adorable little corners

Here is a small gem of this house the landing of the stairs and, linked to this, an adorable corner for reading and relaxing in front of the window. Nothing is designed without taking into account what’s around, this space seems to be born to be exactly that different elements, but closely interrelated parts of a whole.

The kitchen

The kitchen has portholes of fun to enlighten her, one of them is opened. The work plan is concrete, a choice very hip, and very elegant. Here too we find the birch to make wall to the ceiling. This movement of portholes, oil color, really gives it a unique character to the kitchen!

The bathroom

Also in the bathroom we find the green oil, although here is overwhelming. This is perhaps the most modern atmosphere of the whole house, everything here speaks a contemporary language the sink, with its rectangular shape, the smooth concrete floor, the mirror without frame. There is no superfluous elements, the quality of the room is assigned to the color and to the materials, it is not necessary another. Beautiful choice to place the lights in the ceiling throat, an original idea, and that creates a very pleasant lighting effect.

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5 Ideas For An Original Veranda

5 Ideas For An Original Veranda

Protagonists of our book of ideas today, will be the verandas and the many possibilities we have to make them original and features. If you too are thinking of turning on the porch of your home, do not miss this article! We will introduce it well 5 examples of spaces that were verandati, each in his own way, and that’s why they bought new life and new volume. Let’s see what it is, and we analyze one by one the different possibilities.

dining room overlooking the courtyard

This extension, although small, complements the interior space dedicated to the kitchen, adding a larger dining area where to accommodate any guests The main feature of this room is that it is located directly in the garden, and being completely transparent on 3 of 4 sides, has natural light. Finally, in the summer, when the sun is too strong, you can take advantage of awnings for protection.

The right privacy

The wooden blinds are a good protection from the sun, prevents heat loss in winter, protect from moisture and cold, and finally represent a delicate and distinctive decor. Note, finally, the drain channel which runs along one side of the structure. Everything is designed to the smallest detail.

A terrace to be experienced

If you only have a small terrace and you need to increase your inner space, fear not, there is a veranda solution in this case. A delicious iron frame surrounds the area, imaginative and elegant, while inside alternate upholstered furniture, pillows and comfortable seating, so make the most of the natural surroundings. To make it more romantic, finally, we have been added candles, incense, flowers and fragrant plants.

All comfort outdoors

In this case the only concern would be to ensure adequate cover for the roof, otherwise you may end up with some bad losses in case of rain and not being able to properly enjoy the space.

Practical and stylish

There are also extensions that require the construction of an architectural structure to itself perhaps next to the original one. In these cases you need to think a targeted project with the experts of the sector, so as not to come with unpleasant surprises.

A beautiful living area

The advantage of these extensions is that the already existing space suddenly becomes wider and light blow, while the rest of the house does not change of a millimeter.

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A House For Mom

A House For Mom

The town homes have fascinating energy that invites to rest and relaxation. Among the many benefits and advantages they have, there is also to be ideal for sharing the holidays with family and friends, or just to get away from the stresses and hectic activity of the big cities. The house we’re going to visit today, made by GD Arquitectura, Diseño y Construcción, has the characteristics that make it the ideal place to spend a weekend away from the noise and bustle of the workplace. You will see that it is such a beautiful house, simple and cozy that we can not help but think that it would be a perfect gift for our beloved mother. Come take a look!

A luxurious sun

If you have enough space available and the ability to invest without too many limitations, then it can be situated on the terrace as well as plants and flowers also a small swimming pool or hot tub, for a luxurious result like what we see.

A sensational coverage

To shelter from weather and sun, there is a wide choice of solutions, from curtains to pergolas, which will make the terrace, blending seamlessly with the presence of plants and flowers always enjoyable and comfortable.

On two levels

For those who can afford it, the terrace will be organized on two levels, as in the image we see. The roof garden is connected through a staircase to the relaxation area, organized around a large L-shaped sofa white, which stands out on the dark wooden floor.

Combine different materials

The Sun Security is one aspect that can not be overlooked. For parapets and railings you can be used different materials, such as glass and the transparent plastic panels. In this way, security and access to the landscape can be held together successfully, without saturating or close the space.

The roof garden

For homes that allow it, that the roof garden is a very effective solution. The interior space is sacrificed in favor of greater use and integration of the exterior. green areas and relaxation areas can be combined to create a space that not only represents an extension of the house, but one of the main rooms, fully integrated into the general distribution of the spaces.

With synthetic grass

A roof garden can also be designed using synthetic materials, effective alternative when it is not possible to bring a lawn on the roof of your house. More economical and practical in terms of maintenance and maintenance, the synthetic grass can be combined in any case with the use of materials such as rattan for furniture accessories. The rest, as we see, can be done by a spectacular view.

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