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Green Tea Frappuccino Ingredients

Green Tea Frappuccino IngredientsAre you looking for healthy beverage to consume? Green tea is a great beverage for you and it has a lot of great ingredients that will benefit your body and prevents you from various disease, from headache, migrain to serious illness like various kind of cancer. But some people may not fond of the taste of original green tea, that is why there are various creation to consume this beverage for a more fun experience. One of the most favorite is the green tea frappucino beverage, not only it has great taste but you also get the healthy benefit plus extra energy boost to help you with your daily activity.

The ingredients needed for this recipe is fairly easy to find at the nearest market, and all you need to do is to blend it well together. The ingredients you will need to make a delicious green tea frappuccino beverage are 240 ml of milk, 2 teaspoon of matcha or green tea powder, half teaspoon of vanilla extract, 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar, ice cubes as needed and optionally you can also add vanilla ice cream or cream if you wish. If you prefer, you can also add xanthan gum, it will make the green tea frappuccino a liitle bit gummy. This xanthan gum will also prevent crystallization if you add some ice cream in the beverage.

At last, put all the ingredients together inside a blender, except for the ice cream or cream if you wish to add it, and blend it throughly until all the ingredients mixed well. Pour the drink in a glass then place the ice cream or cream on top of it, it is best to use vanilla ice cream since it taste great for various combinations. With this green tea frappucino, you can have a great healthy beverages and also extra energy.

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Soothe for Weight Loss more Effectively

Meditation and cool down found so effective for weight loss than healthy food and exercise.

The conclusions derived from the study conducted by North Carolina State University.

The study divided the respondents into two groups.

The first group, respondents consuming food with diet menu that they designed themselves. The second group, applying meditation with a balanced diet.

As a result, the Group meditate lost 1.9 kilograms, while the first group only lost 0.3 kilogram.

Researchers feel surprised about the impact meditation in the weight loss process. They consider the results of these findings could be an alternative solution to tackle obesity.

Obesity increasing chronic diseases such as high blood, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

Meditation can be one of weight management strategy that emphasizes a combination of diet, physical activity, reduction in energy intake, and increased energy expenditure to prevent weight gain.

The purpose of this study was to study the effectiveness of the program of healthy eating, diet, sedentary, and raise awareness of the patterns of eating right.

Then, to justify the theory that meditation can aid in weight loss, then the researchers asked respondents to follow the virtual classroom from smart phones and computers.

The respondents asked to give more attention to detail when the body signals are hungry.

Researchers asked respondents to consuming food in a manner enjoyed by quiet mind, how to taste food, color, and flavor the food last.

The research lasted 15 weeks. Approximately 28 participants who apply ESMML more weight loss, rather than participants who did not.

Respondents who completed the program ESMMWL the decrease in weight is greater than not.

“The results of the study show that there is a connection between the benefit of eating with awareness and peace of mind against weight loss,” explained study author.


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Causes of groin groin pain

Causes of groin groin pain – The groin area is susceptible to injury because of strong movements, muscles of interest or accident. In addition, the pain in the groin area can also be caused due to various internal factors. While mild groin injuries tend to heal on their own, medical attention is needed in cases that cause severe crotch pain, which can cause a lot of discomfort when walking, sitting and also sleeping.

In women, groin pain can be caused by certain medical conditions such as hernia, kidney stones and ovarian cysts. Sports and accident activities are also the cause of groin pain in women.

Causes of Pain in Groin

Pain due to various infections

Cellulitis – This is an inflammation of the body’s tissues, and usually occurs under the skin. This is followed by swelling, fever, and pain.

Urinary Tract Infection – This is a fact that women are more susceptible to UTI, one of the effects of groin pain. In fact, UTI is known to be one of the most common causes for groin pain in women.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) – A person suffering from genital herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, etc., may have groin pain.

Infection in the Groin – a particular bacterial infection can cause swelling and lumps in the groin area, causing pain. In addition, the formation of abscesses in the groin area due to some conditions, foot infections, etc., are some other reasons for the pain.

Pain due to injury

Crotch Injury – groin pain may occur from direct blows to the groin area, or falls in a painful way in the area. In the case of an athlete, hyper-extension of the groin muscle may result in a sprain in the groin, causing severe pain. Tearing or straining muscles near the pelvic joint may also cause pain in the groin.

Bursitis – Inflammation of the pouch sac, which is a pillow for the hip joint, can cause pain radiating to the groin.

Arthritis – This is a condition in which the joints in the body are inflamed. It is characterized by swelling, stiffness, and pain. Trauma, degenerative changes, infection, or metabolic disorders, are some of the causes that may cause arthritis.

Osteitis pubis – osteosclerosis of the pubic bone, the cartilage that connects the pelvic spine, inflamed or ruptured.

Pain in other parts of the body – Pain or injury to other parts of the body may spread to the groin, and thus cause pain. For example, the pain caused by a ligament injury, can spread towards the groin and cause pain.

Pain due to other causes

– Pregnancy – During pregnancy, certain hormonal changes experience increased inaction from the hip joint. Therefore, women are more likely to suffer from groin pain during pregnancy. Pain in the groin can occur in various stages of pregnancy. Some women may experience pain in the lower back, genital area, upper thigh, and hip joints.

– Kidney stones – It may also be pain in a severe groin due to kidney stones, and when the stone passes through the ureter.

– Ovarian cysts – Another major cause of pain in the groin is the presence of ovarian cysts, which in some cases can be severe, and cause pain in the groin and some other symptoms.

– Node lymph node enlargement – A lymph node due to infection in the groin area also causes severe groin pain.

– Hernia – This is a condition where the body structure bulge through the weak point in the body cavity.

Other causes for groin pain may include ischaemia, seizures, inflammation or colon infection, certain pelvic problems such as pelvic inflammatory disease and ectopic pregnancy, spinal pain and severe back injury, all of which can result in pain in the groin area.

Treatment Options

Treatment for groin pain in women depends on the results of various tests performed. Certain medications and medications are available based on the cause of the pain. Medication will be suggested in relation to symptoms, severity, and duration of pain. In certain cases, such as the presence of ovarian cysts or inguinal hernias, surgery may be necessary. A person suffering from groin pain for a long period of time should immediately consult a doctor. A timely examination, proper diagnosis and further medical action can quickly help in the recovery of groin or groin pain in women.

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