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Fashion Fair

The Fashion Fair Cover Up

Fashion Fair – the Conspiracy

Light, which means that your skin can breathe. In case you have oily skin, search for an oil free formulation. A wholesome skin is the priority now, and people would rather associate cosmetics with nutrition, to find the very best look possible. Choosing our daytime makeup can be a tough undertaking. Apart from regular fashion clothing, you can select seasonal outfits, also. LOL, additionally, it wipes off on your laundry, stains your hands, the entire bit.

Picking the correct shade is actually important.Jual Busama Muslim Murah The reason why I recommend a professional is a platinum shade demands the removal of just about all pigmentation in the hair and when you have dark hair that isn’t easily attained. Whereas a small quantity of sea glass might have been discarded from a boat, the huge majority comes from sources on land, typically in the shape of beach littering. It covers your pores, and offers you an amazing finish!

Locating a bargain is obtaining a lot more difficult but e-Bay is still one of my favourite places to seek out items such as these. It’s a bit more costly than the prior products mentioned. Beauty products aren’t essentials. If you can’t afford to by brand new from a Prada flagship store, and you’re hunting for a preloved item that’s 100% the actual deal, equip yourself knowledge. Stores offer Fashion Fair promotions and sales to permit their clients to acquire reductions in the cost of the brand. If you want to learn what other fun stores you’re able to explore while you’re shopping at this HUGE mall, you might have a look at the Del Amo Fashion Center page of this site.

The order of events and wording of Jesusa sayings, by way of example, is slightly different in each and every Gospel, though the fundamental content is identical. View fashionfair product info and discover out all you need to understand prior to making a purchase. You might be able to discover it on sale. When it is defective, they tag it not acceptable for sale and it’ll either return to the manufacturer or it’ll be disposed of by Costco.

The Fashion Fair Game

Michael definitely thought outside the box but that’s part of his creative genius. California isn’t only a place. There are lots of men and women in California. Some individuals will do anything to prevent showing up to school or work, which makes it seem like the issue is within them as opposed to coming from another man or group. Naturally, age is only a number. It is thought that knitting goes all of the way back to the Stone Age. It’s been around for thousands of years in lots of forms.

A Startling Fact about Fashion Fair Uncovered

The women appear to be more careful should they know they won’t be receiving their deposit back. Today women have the chance to further their expertise and careers and aren’t confined to these low paying and laborious jobs. It takes a unique kind of person and it’s not for everybody and certainly not for me.

There is a significant bit in the bottle so it is going to last you quite some time. Additionally, it wears off quickly so that you would have to reapply often. In addition, it comes in the exact same. You believe this is about you. It may be time for you to think about a new field of work. On North Shore there are fantastic areas to shop, eat, and all types of water-activity-equipment-rental locations. The stitching on the seams can occasionally rip and I need to repair that.

In long stories it may be somewhat further down. Some pieces are kept in families for generations and can frequently be auctioned for considerable sums. Be honest with yourself in regards to the cost for every one of your materials, how long it requires to earn a piece, and to what degree your time could be worth. Folks that are wealthy continue to purchase pieces from Haute couture but ones which don’t look like they’ve just come off the catwalk. For this project you’ll need these materials, but you aren’t limited about what you use to decorate.

The coverage is okay… Not the very best, but if you want light to moderate coverage this is an excellent product. First of all, you must deal with YOU. The very best advice I could give is to discover a hairstylist that has plenty of experience with hair color processes. My house craft business is centered on budget and always making money at the close of the year. For people who seek the chance to obtain a designer item, understanding how to spot a `good’ fake from a genuine product isn’t going to be simple. Among the distinct benefits of Haute couture, if you’re able to afford to commission a garment, is you will own something that’s unique and unlike any other.

Halloween festivities happens from 10-5. Picking the correct foundation for your skin is critical. It is a somewhat common myth that sea glass is the end result of garbage thrown from passing ships.

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Brief Article Teaches You the Ins and Outs of Fashion Designer and What You Should Do Today

The designer will subsequently visit trade shows and manufacturing factories to make a decision as to what fabrics will be utilized in their designs. Fashion designers utilize technology to design. A style designer helps many individuals to be dress by using their style and preferences so fashion designer job has gotten more tuff. Fashion designers work with a range of fabrics, shapes, and colours. The fashion designer will normally have to demonstrate a portfolio prior to being hired, in order to be sure the designer’s fashion sense is in accordance with the business’s vision. Before you commit to turning into a fashion designer, there are a few things you ought to know about this area. In some instances, a self-employed fashion designer might have a clothing line that bears their name.

Jual Busama Muslim Murah

Fashion buyers are some of the the most essential people for brands and companies. Though it must be understood that getting established into the business with the perspective of making high profits will require putting in lots of time and efforts, which cannot be specified. Since the manners in which the company is run has already been established, one only has to stick to the established pattern. For example if you would like to enter the business, retail management, or retail merchandising side of style, you’re definitely in luck so far as online courses go.

Fashion designer salary 2014 may increase and we’re going to keep you updated inside this post. The typical fashion designer salary is far different from what one might anticipate. A style designer salary isn’t something this is accomplished through pure talent, it’s a skill harnessed through the powers of education and experience. Starting salaries in fashion design are usually very low. Fashion jobs in merchandising can be quite challenging. Freelance fashion designer work may also be done outside of your own job so you can slowly produce your own client base away from your company job.

If you’re the type who loves to take fashion to the next level then this is surely one of the greatest collections you must take a peek at which will agree with your taste. Fashion opened up to the general public. Sustainable fashion doesn’t believe in churning out collection after collection making the consumers believe that they’re outdated since they don’t have the most recent pieces. Fashion designing is among those ambiguous fields. Designer fashion differs now.

The designer is likely to make a less costly variant of the design to ascertain what changes will need to get made. These designers can ship right to the consumer, without needing to put money into a concrete shop to showcase their product lines. Helping a designer is not only going to permit the ones that are learning how to find out what goes into the company, but will also help them define an awareness of self and a real sense of what it is that they wish to do in the fashion enterprise. Special designers will frequently have a particular article of clothing or accessory they work with and often they design for a certain market or country and can play a crucial part in a huge design company. Some seasoned designers may begin their own design business or sell their designs in their very own retail stores. Footwear designers make and help produce various styles of shoes and boots.

Designers frequently need to work long hours. They produce samples with the actual materials that will be used in manufacturing. Some fashion designers center on costume design. They work for larger firms and this may be a great way to get a fashion designer education when you get out of fashion designer school, as well. A prosperous fashion designer has to be good at predicting the future.

The gown was made by costume designer Helen Rose. It would definitely need to be the general sequined sheathed dress from my Neo-Pop’ collection at IRFW, as it is a must-have for anybody’s wardrobe for virtually any season. Team modern clothes with vintage jewellery and elect for a sari when it has to do with ethnic wear. It is most likely the only dress with an intentional awareness of humor that’s been widely admired also. A good way to learn to produce your own ways of creating great clothing, accessories, or jewelry is to be a designer’s assistant.

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Fashion Advice To Help You Improve Your Style

When did you last time you’ve been shopping for new clothes? Your wardrobe is probably dated if you have not added anything to it lately.

Sheer clothing is beautiful, but take note of the sheerness of the clothing. Something that is very sheer can cause you appear tawdry.

One thing you are going to want to do is always keep an eye open for new trends and changes. They usually the first source to catch new trends in style.

Try a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner for frizzy hair. This actually stops the amount of frizz on your hair from becoming too moist. Avoid anything that volumizes; that includes products containing wheat and rice.

If you have frizzy hair, don’t vigorously dry your hair with your towel after washing it. This will damage your hair and cause more prone to frizz. You should hold it inside a towel and press on it to get moisture off.After you have done that, remove the towel and comb the hair.

Do not strive for perfection in your quest for fashion. Also, if you attempt perfection, you may look uptight. Some of the runways that include a simple “flaw” and an otherwise fashionable outfit.

Clean your closet periodically. A closet overflowing in options actually cuts down your choices for fashion. If items do not fit well or are no longer fashionable to you, clear them out. A few of the latest trends and versatile pieces are much better than styles from decades past.

This will make your body look wider and is completely unflattering. Instead, go for vertical stripes, which will draw attention to height rather than girth.

Subscribe to fashion newsletter of some sort so that you are up to date with the newest fashion trends. This will help you stay on the last fashion trends.

Add a little spark of individual panache to keep your personality to your style. Leave a button undone, pop a couple buttons on your shirt or wear shoes that do not match your outfit exactly.

Consider your figure type when you wear.You might not have the body for low-cut blouses, but you may feel that you have legs to die for.

Quilted fabrics are the new trend for this winter and winter.

Use solid colors to manage the attention your outfit. A simple solid color offers you the chance to wear a colorful patterned top that may grab attention.Dark pants work with any top and helps people meet your eyes reach yours for honest and direct communication with one another.

Problems with hormones may cause both hair or skin is caused by hormonal issues. Your body’s hormones can be unbalanced if you’re stressed. If that happens, try different relaxation techniques to restore normal levels hormonally and to cut the production of oil and skin and hair.

You do not have to undergo cosmetic surgery for your lips. Use a bright lipstick or lip gloss with a shiny finish. Dark lipstick only makes lips appear thinner so stay away from it.

If you’re a business traveler, stock up your wardrobe with anti-wrinkle or easy to care for pieces. Many hotels have ironing boards and irons, but you shouldn’t take time doing that if you don’t have to. You should of course still hang all your clothes when you get to your hotel room.

The right accessories help make an outfit. Accessories include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, but they also include often-forgotten accessories. The proper hairstyle and shoes can boost your look.You can find a wealth of information by reading fashion magazines regarding matching up your outfits.

What did you think of these fashion tricks? Can’t you just imagine how your wardrobe will look once you use the advice you read here? Hopefully you do because these tips are tailored for such a task. Your will never feel outdated again.

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The Best Place to Buy Winter Boots for You

The Best Winter Boots for You

The Best Winter Boots for You

Quality winter boots are certainly the requirement of each girl. They are classic pieces, do not escape from the trend readily and may be combined in several distinct ways. More than anything, the top quality boot will keep you in the cold and damp in the winter months as a crucial protector of your wellbeing. While fashion specialists let wearing peep toe booties throughout the winter, hot and dependable boots will prevent you from colds or even pneumonia, even without taking anything out of the own charm.

Finest rate winters boots

Made with superior full-grain leather and created as hardy and waterproof, they’re a trademark for comfort and endurance. These aren’t inexpensive, but they’re a sort of icon of design and worth every cent. They have additional protection against wear and tear throughout winter days supply you warmth, excellent adhesion, superb appearance, and relaxation.

Greatest waterproof boots for Ladies

These are among the most gorgeous women’s waterproof winter boots. Knee-high boots with laces, made from a unique waterproof material and lined with synthetic fur, which slightly protrudes within the collar are also an exceptional selection for the winter. They’ve a milder sole with additives which prevent slipping and incredibly stylish appearance. These boots will heat your toes, and you’ll seem stable and sophisticated as you proceed, even once you encounter icehockey.

Best hot winter boots

For many people sensitive to the cold is of specific value to discover warm and adorable winter boots which could warm us through winter minuses. Regrettably, most manufacturers require extra attention to decorative details and abandon the boots chilly inside.

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Let’s Go to HIJUP Model Look Final Night! ​​​

. I’d like to convey that I’m very supporting HijUp Model Look event because this event really give motivation to everyone especially Muslim women who want to covered their body with hijab yet make them still look fashionable, inspiring and worthwhile to others. This event supplies the finalist with a lot of knowledge, experience, and training which useful for the finalist self-development. I hope this event will continue, and event like this will be repeated again, in every year. And then generate finalist who could change the world. Not only in Indonesia, but also in the whole world. And if you want to see the finalist in grand final Saturday night, April 13th , 7pm in fX Sudirman.Come please! Hi! If you want to see your ace in HijUp Model Look or you have friends, family, and whoever Don’t forget to come to HijUp Model Look Grand Final Night in fX Sudirman, April 13th at 7pm. Not only grand final night in there, bazaar also jazz up that event. I’m waiting your attendance! Very big appreciation of everybody’s effort who always want to express Muslim women to be beautiful outside but they build the beauty from the inside I hope HijUp always consistent with the philosophy Don’t forget to come to HijUp Model Look Grand Final on Saturday, April 13th in fX Sudirman Jakarta.baju busana muslim murah instagram

This is one of great competition. I hope this event will be succeed and must to seen because this event is incredible. For the finalist, stay istiqomah, don’t afraid to express yourself, and keep fighting! This HijUp event, absolutely HijUp Model Look very good for Muslim women model who istiqomah in wear hijab. Muslim women model still got chance to expand their creativity in modeling world. In this competition, we don’t just seek a model but also a role model for Muslim women who have beauty inside and outside. In this event, we held various training such as acting class, modeling class, and Muslim women personality class. Don’t forget to come to HijUp Model Look Grand Final Night in HijUp festival event series. Saturday April 13th 2013 at 7pm in fX Sudirman..

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Floral Prints, How To Combine Them With Style

Floral Prints, How To Combine Them With Style

Floral prints, how to match them with style and wear unique outfits, glamorous and for sure effect. Few simple tips to follow to create the right look for any occasion.

Spring Summer 2014 season has as must the floral prints, but it is not always easy to understand how to match it to not overdo it. If minidresses are extremely practical, because they are enough for themselves and need only to add contrasting accessories for a strong or pastel effect in pastel shades for a more romantic look, the same can not be said when it comes to more demanding bosses Such as trousers, skirts, shirts and shirts.

For pants, especially those typically summer like the goat model, bright floral prints are preferred, with bright colors to match with silk shirts; In this case, you have two choices, depending on the occasion if you do not want to give too much in your eye, opt for a plain shirt, even a strong color, but still present in your pants print, or you can Floral print contrasting, different from that of the trousers, which completely destroys harmony. As for the leggings, remember that they are not real pants and that we wear lighter lingerie in the summer, so match them with knits or tunics, fresh and light, to cover what should not be of public dominance.

As for skirts, large or floral print high-waist models should be knit and top-dressed (even strapless, with a neckline); The more formal cut, however, can be highlighted by shirts and blouses. Even in this case, the color discourse depends on the effect you want to obtain and on the occasion of use.

Jerseys and floral print tops can make your outfit more romantic or cheerful if you decide to wear the usual jeans; You can also combine accessories with floral prints (both equal and contrasting) to make it stand out on bags, shoes and scarfs.

The new Stella McCartney handbags have a polygonal design and are available in a wide range of colors and finishes ranging from classic neutral shades (the usual winter shades including black) to the most eccentric nuances, such as electric blue, but do not go unnoticed Not even the snake print version, which will definitely throw the animal’s lovers.

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Some Ideas For Having a 4th of July

The 4th Coming party is of July to follow along with With increase of awareness, the process is finding approaches to party at a fashion. 4th of July outfits for women  Rest certain you will find alternatives which won’t impede any pleasure that could be obtained while still staying economically solid supporting our pursuit for life, freedom and the pursuit of enjoyment. Incorporate some one of these advice and be amazed simple having is.

Even though It might appear obvious, disposable cups and plates develop plenty of waste. Authentic, they have been handy and suitable. However, by the conclusion of your afternoon, any substances not recycled heap up at a garbage area. Invite your guests to create their particular dishware. It had been normal practice for guests. The combination of dishes at a plethora of colours, layouts and topics may also add yet another dimensions.


Take to Employing the oak plates to get a appearance. Bamboo is a natural material that’s attractive as well. They’re also, once washed safe for re use.


Green-up your Grilling


There Are folks who do not enjoy a BBQ and also the weather, Independence Day is the perfect occasion. The smoke exhaust a number of toxins and chemicals that harm the ecosystem. This season, opt for the charcoal options available on the market and sacrifice not one of this effectiveness. To simply take green grilling a step put money into an all natural gas grill. Energy that is less is exuded by these your grill.


Lighten using neighborhood create


Walk On the food items and proceed to get natural, locally grown produce. They’re a wonderful alternative to the chips, dip and cheese and they’re a lot healthier. As a benefit that is individual, food bought locally does not always have to endure journeys by air or.


Traveling in a bunch


One Among the oldest tricks in the publication, car pooling also save the emissions of gasses . however, it’s an excellent solution to get the party started. Invite guests who live to ride. Perhaps not just green, but this really is a wonderful methods to talk and interact. The party will be spilt in by the conversations that more interesting.


Hold on your own decorations


Whether or not You’re spending your 4th of July or building plans in your home, keep your valuable decorations. After all, Independence Day comes round every year why don’t you make the most of the pieces assembled and collected on the road down. That ocean of crimson, white and blue dining room settings, streamers and dining table fabrics will be as fantastic calendar year.


Ditch the water fountains water jugs


Maintain A large water-jug handy rather than handing out bottles. The total sum of waste is extraordinary. There are lots of fashionable options available on industry for example those at catering events provided. Look for a drink unit which comes with an ice pan for keeping the cool.


Leave it for the experts


Rather Having firework screens. Not only does it save on the Level of gun You power spread and your family members may be dazzled by the fancy Light show out of a significant company.



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Lovely Little Girls Dresses for any Occasion

You can buy little girls dresses for many occasions as a gift to your beloved baby daughters. Every occasion has its own pleasing moments, as well as special requirements for particular dress.

Before buying little girls dresses for party occasions, it’s better to ask our daughter or granddaughter about their own opinion, so they will be delighted at the time of wearing the dress.


Your girls need little girls dresses for various occasions or celebrations, such as weekly church goings, birthday parties, national or religious day festivities, holiday parties, school parties, when they come to wedding or become a flower girl, or even kindergarten graduation party.


Ruffled clothes, chiffon as well as taffeta are wonderful options for your special little girls dresses. Regarding this style, you may consider the event whether formal or less formal, the venue whether it will be held indoor or outdoor, and many other considerations, like the weather or season, for example.

Choosing the right and beautiful little girls dresses for special occasions can be important as well as challenging job to do. You have to think about the color and style that should fit well with the whole celebration theme. But the most important, the dress has to please the girl herself, all the attendants, or the parents.

Little girls dresses in contrasting colors or fabric, such as lace, absolutely will always look dazzling.

Also, it is important for you to consider buying age-appropriate choices for your little girls dresses.

it is recommendable to do fitting no more than three months before any special occasion, because kids are fast growing. This especially applies to wedding occasions.

Most likely this is the fundamental and first aspect should be taken into account before choosing or even buying little girls dresses. You may also consider the matching comfortable shoes as well.

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Amazing Fashion Tips That You Can Try Out Today!

Dressing nicely doesn’t have to be hard. With the right knowledge concerning fashion, it’s much easier. Continue reading to see what hints others give to help you dress the best. This essential knowledge is outlined in the following article.

Black or indigo jeans make great evening attire when paired with a flouncy shirt and wonderful strappy heels. If you’re wearing the latest trend, colored jeans, it’s best to go for a more casual look.

One valuable fashion tip is staying current with new trends in fashion styles. Style is constantly changing, so keep up with fashion magazines to learn about the latest trends. They are usually the first source to catch new trends in style.

There are many newsletters on fashion. Subscribe to a few from sites that you like. Doing this well ensure you are ready for every season before it hits, and will be ahead of your friends on the fashion trends.

Become aware of your body’s weaknesses and strengths. If you are small, you need to find softer fabrics with fitted looks that help to give your body some length. If you are larger on top, try to find other pieces that will take the attention off of your bust line. Those who are pear-shaped want light colors on top and darks on the bottom.

Mousse is a great way to volumize thin hair, but be moderate. The more you use, the more likely you are to create a retro look from the 1980’s. Adjust the amount of mousse to obtain the look you desire.

Don’t be afraid to discuss your fashion budget with your friends, even if it’s limited. If your best friend has a clothing piece you covet, ask her to donate it to you once she no longer wants it. By asking your friends for help, you may get some wonderful pieces free or next to free.

In addition to stylish clothes, you need to learn how to accessorize with shoes. Generally, just make sure that your belt matches your shoes in color tone. This will help you create a classic look that will help you rise in the fashion world.

Don’t let negative commentary about your manner of dress get you down. Try to stick to your style and not those of celebrities. You just need to be comfortable with how you look. No one else matters.

Consider your figure shape when choosing the clothes you wear. You might not want to wear something like a blouse that’s low-cut, but you may be more confident with your legs. Parade them around in a short skirt with high heels. Play up your assets.

If you have old apparel that you don’t like anymore, donate them. You’ll save time in choosing outfits, as well as help out the less fortunate who can’t afford new clothes.

Quilted fabrics are coming into style soon. You will find this material available on just about any type of clothing. Although it’s a loose fitting fabric, don’t get it too loose or you’ll look bigger than you want to look.

Try something that is normally out of your comfort zone. Not only will this open your mind, but you may end up looking great, too! It is a great way to add more choices to your selections.

Get rid of clothes you no longer wear. This can be online or even at a consignment shop. You may either receive money back from your items or get store credit.

Remember that clothes aren’t all you have to worry about when trying to look fashionable. Your hair also matters a lot. Because of this, your hairstyle simply must represent you well. For example, if you are woman climbing the corporate ladder, opt for a classic style such as a shoulder-length bob. If you’re a mom trying to keep pace with the kids, a wash and go style is probably the best.

If you wear a lot of white clothes, bleach them to keep the looking new and bright. Just make sure that you don’t mix any of your clothing items up and bleach the wrong clothes on accident.

Solid colors really work to minimize weight. In fact, dark shades slim your body. If you’re very tiny, the opposite would be true. Choose lighter colors instead to make yourself look a little bigger.

Research some of the seasonal trends to stay current with fashion. A little bit of research goes a long way in dressing your best for each season and occasion.

Part of fashion is choosing the right kind of accessories to wear as well. Pick great watches, bracelets, belts, pins, broaches or earrings. Also, complement your outfit with a fine pair of shoes. You can find a wealth of information in fashion magazines regarding matching up outfits.

Take friends shopping with you and have them pick clothing that you think works with their styles. If necessary, take your friend straight to the store and help them choose something that looks great on them.

Do not allow others to dictate what you wear. Your style is what matters, not whether it’s right or wrong. Everybody should make their own choice about what type of fashion they want for themselves. Whenever someone criticizes your fashion sense, politely tell them it’s your prerogative to wear what you will.

If you want to emphasize your cheek bones, use bronzer on the bottom of your cheeks. Your cheekbones will appear higher with this tip. The higher your cheek bones, the more fashionable your clothing will look. This is but one of many simple secrets to fashion success.

The little things help to create a great look and style. Accessorizing is important and can make the difference between an average outfit and a stunning ensemble. Accessories are not just jewelry; carry nice luggage, a classic handbag, and a cute umbrella.

You should now be prepared to build your own look. You can also have fun at the same time. Use what you’ve learned to create a fashionable look that you will truly enjoy.

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Ultimate Guide for Hairstyles For Straight Hair

If you have fine straight hair, you may be wondering what the best hairstyle for your hair is. Many people are struggling with the same outdated hairstyle, simply because they are afraid to try anything new for fear that it will look even worse. With this guide, you can see some of the best hairstyles for fine straight hair, and perhaps have the courage to try something new.

Modern Fashion

Lately, the popular trend in hairstyles for fine straight hair has been what is called a tapered bob. This style sometimes includes bangs, starting long at the sides and growing gradually shorter toward the back. In the most common version of a tapered bob, the longest hair at the front just brushes the shoulder while the shorter back ends just above collar-length, although the style has been seen in longer variations.

Timeless Classic

One of the most well-known hairstyles for fine straight hair is the Nancy Drew bob. Over the years, Nancy’s style has changed dramatically from a conservative, practical look to a bright, hip, high school style, but her classic bob in the original novels will never go out of style. A straight cut all the way across is not only a cute look that makes you look younger, it is very easy to take care of.

At Home

Whether you go for a tapered bob, a Nancy Drew cut, or something completely different, it is important to remember that when it comes to hairstyles for fine straight hair, long is almost never the way to go. Long, fine hair often looks even thinner and stringy when it is kept long. One of the easiest at-home hairstyles for fine straight hair is to simply cut straight across at the shoulder-length, adding bangs for some dimension. For a DIY tapered bob, look straight ahead as you cut and follow your jawline or just below it.

At the Salon

Another great look when it comes to hairstyles for fine straight hair is a pixie cut. Like the tapered bob, there are many slightly different variations of the pixie cut. The basic idea is a very short cut at the back, close to the head, with longer bangs and a nonchalant, slightly tousled look on top. Because it is so difficult to master effectively, this is a perfect cut to get at a salon. Your stylist can help you decide exactly how to use the pixie cut to work with the shape of your face.


Some hairstyles for fine straight hair are best accentuated with accessories. A hairband can make a crisp blunt bob look younger and flirtier, or a pixie cut more interesting. A simple alligator clip makes long bangs more manageable and adds an element of shy schoolgirl innocence to a hairdo. You can never go wrong with a cute fedora, and Irish caps or stylish beanies work well with most bob cuts.

Hairstyles for Men

Ladies, we know you want your men to look good, too. There are hairstyles for straight fine hair that can apply to men as well. Of course, you could always go with a classic crew cut or buzz cut, but there are other, younger-looking options for slightly longer hairstyles as well. The hottest men’s style right now is the Justin Bieber cut. Basically a pixie cut for men, the Bieber Do works well on guys with young or effeminate faces but should be avoided like the plague if your man has rough features or facial hair. For these men, any of the Brad Pitt looks over the ages can do wonders. From the shorter, moussed-up spiky look that Brad sported in Fight Club to the flyaway shoulder-length style seen in Troy and his cameo appearance in True Romance, most men looking for hairstyles for fine straight hair wouldn’t go wrong with any of the classic Brad styles.


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