A House with Class to Sell

A House with Class to Sell

This design by the interior designer norri is something simply spectacular sophisticated atmospheres, original details, and formal spaces, where you can receive guests in style, but at the same time cozy, in which to feel at home. The ingredients for so stunning interiors are high quality materials and furnishings, rich in style details, such as wallpaper, for example, and materials that give a sense of warmth to the gorgeous fish hook. The space is spacious, the living area is organized in an open space that includes dining room and kitchen, in a main living room and in another secondary, which we could consider a relaxation area. These gorgeous spaces find a suitable extension to the outside, in the garden, offering an adorable corner of conversation in the open air, without sacrificing style.

The garden

This space is perfect it retains all the elegance of the interiors, but in the open and in addition it is also covered, so it can be used even with the rain! With the rhythms of the city, who would not have such an outdoor space, where to escape for a while

The living area

This is an area dedicated to relaxation and reading, not the actual stay. However, it is equally refined and cured. The idea of ??creating an environment with chaise longues where reading a book or conversing in comfort is brilliant. The lighting has been studied perfectly the two side lamps are an invitation to the reading.


In the dining area there are many things that deserve particular attention often you do not find a table like this, playful black, accompanied by comfortable armchairs and finally complemented by a scenic chandelier, fashionable but timeless design.

The kitchen

The kitchen is organized in two blocks on the wall we find the storage area and the appliances – including the American fridge and then there is the peninsula. The two blocks create a nice chromatic contrast that is perfectly integrated into the palette given by the wallpaper.

The livingroom

Even the living room is decorated with a beautiful wallpaper. The motif is floral, but it does not have anything romantic, or the dark colors of the decoration give a bit of a hint to the room. The idea of ??using two suspended side lights is very nice. On the ground beneath the beautiful carpet, we see the fishnet parquet.

The furniture in front of the couch has a simple but very refined shape with a retro touch.

Details are a key part of the furnishings of this room every object tells a story and has been chosen with care.

The master bedroom

The canopy bed, in itself, gives a very elegant look to the room, with pillows, mirrors and such special bedside tables, the result could only be fabulous!

The bathroom

In the private bathroom, a vintage touch the furniture has an antique finish, and with the various objects resting on it and the basin washbasin, recalls the baths once. Very beautiful the totally white mosaic, it gives a lot of gloss to the wall.

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