A House For Mom

A House For Mom

The town homes have fascinating energy that invites to rest and relaxation. Among the many benefits and advantages they have, there is also to be ideal for sharing the holidays with family and friends, or just to get away from the stresses and hectic activity of the big cities. The house we’re going to visit today, made by GD Arquitectura, Diseño y Construcción, has the characteristics that make it the ideal place to spend a weekend away from the noise and bustle of the workplace. You will see that it is such a beautiful house, simple and cozy that we can not help but think that it would be a perfect gift for our beloved mother. Come take a look!

A luxurious sun

If you have enough space available and the ability to invest without too many limitations, then it can be situated on the terrace as well as plants and flowers also a small swimming pool or hot tub, for a luxurious result like what we see.

A sensational coverage

To shelter from weather and sun, there is a wide choice of solutions, from curtains to pergolas, which will make the terrace, blending seamlessly with the presence of plants and flowers always enjoyable and comfortable.

On two levels

For those who can afford it, the terrace will be organized on two levels, as in the image we see. The roof garden is connected through a staircase to the relaxation area, organized around a large L-shaped sofa white, which stands out on the dark wooden floor.

Combine different materials

The Sun Security is one aspect that can not be overlooked. For parapets and railings you can be used different materials, such as glass and the transparent plastic panels. In this way, security and access to the landscape can be held together successfully, without saturating or close the space.

The roof garden

For homes that allow it, that the roof garden is a very effective solution. The interior space is sacrificed in favor of greater use and integration of the exterior. green areas and relaxation areas can be combined to create a space that not only represents an extension of the house, but one of the main rooms, fully integrated into the general distribution of the spaces.

With synthetic grass

A roof garden can also be designed using synthetic materials, effective alternative when it is not possible to bring a lawn on the roof of your house. More economical and practical in terms of maintenance and maintenance, the synthetic grass can be combined in any case with the use of materials such as rattan for furniture accessories. The rest, as we see, can be done by a spectacular view.

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