5 Ideas For An Original Veranda

5 Ideas For An Original Veranda

Protagonists of our book of ideas today, will be the verandas and the many possibilities we have to make them original and features. If you too are thinking of turning on the porch of your home, do not miss this article! We will introduce it well 5 examples of spaces that were verandati, each in his own way, and that’s why they bought new life and new volume. Let’s see what it is, and we analyze one by one the different possibilities.

dining room overlooking the courtyard

This extension, although small, complements the interior space dedicated to the kitchen, adding a larger dining area where to accommodate any guests http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-cilandak-jakarta-selatan-new. The main feature of this room is that it is located directly in the garden, and being completely transparent on 3 of 4 sides, has natural light. Finally, in the summer, when the sun is too strong, you can take advantage of awnings for protection.

The right privacy

The wooden blinds are a good protection from the sun, prevents heat loss in winter, protect from moisture and cold, and finally represent a delicate and distinctive decor. Note, finally, the drain channel which runs along one side of the structure. Everything is designed to the smallest detail.

A terrace to be experienced

If you only have a small terrace and you need to increase your inner space, fear not, there is a veranda solution in this case. A delicious iron frame surrounds the area, imaginative and elegant, while inside alternate upholstered furniture, pillows and comfortable seating, so make the most of the natural surroundings. To make it more romantic, finally, we have been added candles, incense, flowers and fragrant plants.

All comfort outdoors

In this case the only concern would be to ensure adequate cover for the roof, otherwise you may end up with some bad losses in case of rain and not being able to properly enjoy the space.

Practical and stylish

There are also extensions that require the construction of an architectural structure to itself perhaps next to the original one. In these cases you need to think a targeted project with the experts of the sector, so as not to come with unpleasant surprises.

A beautiful living area

The advantage of these extensions is that the already existing space suddenly becomes wider and light blow, while the rest of the house does not change of a millimeter.

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